Sorting your clothes before a wash is as important as the wash itself. A washing machine washes every type of fabric in the same way, thus leaving a chance that some fabrics might not get the cleaning they require or worse it can harm your clothes. The best practice is to sort the clothes according to fabric, colour and type of washing required.

1. Separate your light fabrics from your heavier fabrics. Keep the cottons, wools and kindness separate

2. Sort your clothes on the basis of colour. The last thing you need is your clothes getting discolored or dirty. Always separate your white’s from your blacks, wash the colourful clothes separately.

3. Always pre soak the clothes before washing. Pre soaking the clothes helps in minimizing the gradient of the fabric which gives it a more gentle and regular wash. It helps preserving the fabric as well as the colour of the cloth.

4. Do not wash woolen clothes with cotton clothes. A common mistake that a lot of us make is washing our woolens with our cotton based clothes. Sorting becomes very important in these cases. The density of the fabric prevents your washing machine from giving it a regular and gentle wash.

best sorting tips