By Soorjodeep Das 1st May 2021

Looking for the best washing machine in India? Here are the top picks with excellent wash quality, features and more...

A washing machine is a long-term investment for every Indian home. That is why, in this article, we not only bring to you the best washing machines segregated by type but also throws light on the major factors to be considered while buying a washing machine.

If you are short on time to read the complete article, then let’s get briefly to the point.

 Here are the Top 10 Upcoming Washing Machines.

1. Bosch 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine


Bosch WAK24268IN 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine is equipped with a variety of wash programs– 15 to be precise, and each caters to different types of clothes and fabrics.

Bosch is also the only washing machine manufacturer in India that is ECARF certified. Their Allergy Plus Wash Program does an excellent job of eliminating allergens and detergent residue by incorporating a longer rinse cycle.

The wash programs are- Sportswear, Jeans, Allergy Plus, Kidswear, Saree, Monsoon, Super 15/30, Cotton, Synthetic Daily wash, Delicate/Silk, Wool, Drum Clean and Rinse.

The Saree wash program is useful to clean the long fabric all the while reducing excessive tangling and creases. While the Monsoon wash program gives a final warm rinse which reduces moisture by further 10% and gives a fresh feeling to the clothes too.

Bosch has also taken care to incorporate features that further optimize water and energy consumption.

The SpeedPerfect feature can reduce wash duration by 65%, while EcoPerfect can reduce energy consumption by up to 66% but lowering water consumption and temperature.

The Water Plus function when invoked adjusts water consumption depending on the load and fabric.

front load washing machine 

* The washing machine cleans all types of stains with ease and causing minimal damage to clothes.

* The structure is stable and the built quality is good. Noise during operation is also pretty low, thanks to anti-vibration design. But comparatively, we found LG to be more silent and with lesser vibration.

* The wash quality is quite good that it can clean up soiled uniforms, stained baby clothes, large bed linen and heavy jeans with ease.

* The clothes are washed in temperature ranging from 30 to 90 degree Celius and spin speed ranging up to a maximum of 1200 RPM.

* Running at maximum RPM, clothes retain just around 53% of moisture. The temperature and spin speed settings can be adjusted ( within a range) for all wash programs.

* But something we found is that if you wash the soiled clothes with Speed Perfect, you may not be quite satisfied with the wash quality.

* Coming to the durability aspect, Bosch has a sturdy built. To reduce scaling on the drum, the washing machine has the Drum Clean wash program, which you could use every fortnight to cleanse the drum of detergent and hard water residues.


An average wash program takes about 47 litres of water, which is among the best, and 1 unit of electricity. This may vary depending on the wash program and load.

For example: running a full load at 30 degree Celsius in delicate mode will result in 0.21 unit power consumption, while in 40 degree Celsius in various other wash programs will take up about 0.8 to 1 units.

On the other hand, if you use Cotton wash program at a maximum temperature of 95 degree Celsius, it will consume 2.3 units of electricity.


1. Variety of wash programs available

2. Great fit for those with sensitive skin and allergies

3. Functions available to save water and energy.

4. Maximum temperature up to 90 degrees for cotton programs.




1. Requires water flow rate of 7-9 litre per minute, which some independent houses may lack.

2. Wash quality in speed perfect is not sufficient for stained clothes.

3. With excellent wash quality, durability and optimal energy and water consumption, Bosch WAk24268IN is one of the best washing machines for a family with 4 to 5 members.


2. Bosch 7 Kg Front Load Washing Machine


The wash programs of the Bosch 7kg WAK24168IN Front Load Washing Machine includes Super 15/30, Monsoon, Saree, Hygiene, Kidswear, Drum Clean, Rinse, Cotton 40, 60, cold, Synthetics, Daily wash, Delicate/silk and wool.

The main differences compared to WAK24268 is the absence of wash programs like jeans, Allergy Plus and Sportswear. So, if you have young babies or those with skin allergies, we recommend you to buy WAK24268.

WAK24168 doesn’t have the EcoPerfect function which can be used to reduce energy consumption by lowering water usage and temperature. What this essentially means is that in WAK24168, you have no option to adjust the water temperature. The wash programs work only at the pre-programmed temperature which ranges from cold to 60 degree Celsius.

However, you do have the option to adjust the spin speed of all wash programs.

front load washing machine 

* The wash quality of Bosch WAK24168 is fairly good.

* In WAK24268, the water temperature can be set up to a maximum of 90 degree Celsius, but in WAK24168, the maximum temperature is only 60 degrees Celsius.

* Owing to the large drum size, you can wash jeans, large duvets and curtains with ease. The maximum RPM of 1200 cycles also ensures that the excess moisture is drained off.

* Just like WAK24268, the wash quality is affected when you use Speed Perfect. We don’t advice washing stained clothes in this mode.

* Even though Bosch claims to have anti-vibration design, the noise level and vibration is a bit higher than LG. It is not uncomfortably high. But it is noticeable.

* The built quality of WAK24168 seems quite good. It looks very durable and to enhance the drum life, you have a drum wash cycle to remove any scaling.


Water consumption of this model is almost the same as the previous WAK24268 at 47 litres average.

The energy consumption would be lower for most wash programs as the maximum temperature is 60 degrees Celsius and not 90 degrees Celsius as in WAK24268.


1. Excellent wash quality.

2. Robust built quality.

3. Has water and energy-saving functions.




1. Speed perfect function not good for cleaning stained clothes.

2. The maximum temperature is only 60 degree Celsius.

3. Bosch WAK24168 has a lot of similarities with the previous WAK24268. Let us take a look at the details.


3. LG 6 Kg Front Load Washing Machine


There are sufficient wash programs in LG 6kg FHM1006ADW Front Load Washing Machine to clean a variety of clothes- 10 to be exact. It also has options like medic rinse, pre-wash etc.

The spin speed can be set at a maximum of 1000 RPM ( which is fairly good for a 6 Kg washing machine). In their 7 Kg variant, the maximum RPM is 1200 cycles. The temperature can be set up to 95 degree Celsius.

What we found is that LG is comparatively more silent than Bosch at maximum spin speed.

If you are someone who is always in a hurry, then you may not be quite happy with LG as their fastest wash cycle lasts 30 minutes while Bosch and IFB have quicker wash cycle of just 15 minutes. Bosch also has Speed Perfect option that further reduces the wash duration.

A noteworthy feature of LG washing machine is the smart diagnosis system whereby technical problem can be troubleshot by calling LG customer care helpline and placing the phone on the appliance. The washing machine communicates with the computer and helps technicians be well-equipped before they visit for service.

front load washing machine 

* When it comes to washing quality, LG FHM1006ADW Front Load Washing Machine is as good as the previous option from Bosch. Be it food stains on baby clothes, dirty uniforms or large bed linen, LG FHM1006ADW cleans it pretty well.

* But it doesn’t offer much flexibility in terms of optimizing wash duration or energy and water consumption.

* Coming to the operation, the LG FHM1006ADW features inverter Direct Drive, which reduces energy consumption, noise and vibration.

* LG also features 6 Motion Direct Drive, which helps clean clothes without damaging them. The 6 motions are- stepping, filtration, scrubbing, tumble, rolling and swinging.

* Talking about the durability, the drum of LG front loaders made of stainless steel remains rust-free even after a decade of use. Thankfully, it has a Tub clean function that helps keep the drum clean and remove any scaling. The body too appears fairly strong.

* But we have generally observed that they tend to develop rust in the lower portion, especially if its kept in the balcony or work area where it is directly exposed to outside weather.


The LG FHM1006ADW consumes a maximum of 50 litres of water for a wash program.

As for energy consumption, it takes an average of 0.77 units for a wash program.

Note: however that for washing in 95-degree hot water, the energy consumption could go as high as 2.5 units per wash cycle.


1. Good wash quality.

2. Temperature can be set up to 95 degrees celsius.

3. Excellent after-sales service in most cities.




1. Doesn’t have extensive functionalities like Bosch.

2. Express wash takes longer than Bosch and IFB.


4. LG 8 kg Front Loading Washing Machine


LG 8 Kg FHT1408ZWL Front Loading Washing Machine is one of the latest models with innovative features and functions. Owing to the large capacity, it is ideal for families with 6 plus members.

One of the best aspects of LG washing machines is the inverter drive technology. While in the conventional system, the motor is connected to the drum using a belt, here the motor is directly connected to the drum. This way, there are less moving parts, less energy loss and lesser vibration. This gives it an edge over other brands which use belt-driven technology.

Compared to the base model LG FHMW100GADW the advantages are that it has Wi-Fi connectivity, Steam cycles and options like Turbo wash, Prewash, Intensive and laundry add.

There are 13 wash programs in-built in this washing machine and you can download wash program using Download cycle feature from AiThinQ app. The wash programs are Cotton, Cotton+, Mix, Easy Care, Duvet, Allergy Care, Baby Steam Care, Sportswear, Gentle Care, Delicate, Stain Care, Silent Wash and Speed 14. Out of these, Allergy Care and Baby Steam care comes under Steam Cycle.

The main advantage that LG claim is that Steam cycle can sterilize bacteria and other allergens. But when it comes to washing quality, it doesn’t make much difference.

As it has wi-fi connectivity, you can operate the washing machine from anywhere provided it is switched on. Moreover, the Smart Diagnosis feature helps find up to 86 errors.

The washing machine also has features like water level sensor which uses just enough water as per the wash load; load imbalance feature that distributes the clothes evenly to reduce vibration; door open sensor that prevents water from leaking if in case a thin cloth gets caught in the door and laundry load sensor that optimizes wash process for best quality washing.

Overall, the features are quite sophisticated with a lot of improvement over the base model.

MODEL NO: (FHT1408ZWL, Wi-Fi Enabled)
front load washing machine 

* As the washing machine uses direct drive technology, you observe it to be quite silent and vibration-free while washing clothes and spinning.

* Thanks to different wash programs, ability to wash in piping hot water of up to 95 degree Celsius, it has excellent wash quality. Be it food-stained baby clothes, cloth diapers or soiled uniform, the washing machine takes care of it all with ease.


As per the BEE rating, the washing machine consumes 8.2 litres of water per kg of cloth. So, for a full load, it comes to around 62 litres of water.

As for energy consumption, it uses 0.082 units per Kg, which comes to 0.65 units for a full load. But if you wash in hot water or steam wash cycles, the energy consumption will rise considerably.


1. Highly versatile with numerous wash programs and functions.

2. Excellent wash quality.

3. Silent and vibration-free operations.

4. Can operate from anywhere using mobile app.




1. Delay in installation and after-sales service reported by many.

2. Expensive.


5. Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine


Bosch WAB16060IN 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine is one of the top-selling front loaders in the 6 Kg segment. Let us take a look at its details.

The Bosch WAB16060IN comes with 15 wash programs, making it apt for washing a wide variety of clothes.

The wash programs include Super 15’30’, Hygiene, Kids Wear, Drum Clean, Delicate / Silk, Wool, Synthetics and Daily Wash.

The Hygiene wash program runs at 90 degree Celsius. Otherwise, all other wash programs run at 30 to 60 degree Celsius.

The spin speed of the Bosch WAB16060IN is 800 cycles max. This is comparatively lower than the LG 6 Kg FHM1006ADW and Samsung 6 Kg WW60R20GLMA mentioned in the list.

Talking about other functionalities, it comes with EcoPerfect and SpeedPerfect which helps reduce water consumption and wash duration respectively.

It also has functions like ActiveWater which increases water consumption to thoroughly wash the clothes; Foam detection system to remove the excess foam and Unbalanced load detection.

While the Active Water and Foam detection system improve wash quality, Unbalanced load detection reduces vibration and helps avoid damages to the drum.

front load washing machine 

* Talking about the performance, user reviews are fairly positive. Wash quality is excellent.

* However, as with all Bosch machines, SpeedPerfect is not meant to be used for washing soiled clothes because by reducing the wash duration, wash quality gets compromised.

* The machine makes noticeable noise while spinning at maximum speed. This is not a defect. Rather, that is how it is.

* 780 RPM: higher spin speeds helps in faster drying.

* When you compare with the LG 6 Kg FHM1006ADW and Samsung 6 Kg WW60R20GLMA, there are both positives and negatives.

* The positives are that its energy and water consumption is lesser. The allergy wash program is quite apt for those who suffer from any skin allergies as it completely eliminates any detergent residue or allergens from the clothes.

But the negatives are that its maximum spin speed is lesser. LG and Samsung have a maximum spin speed of 1000 cycles. Also, you can set many of the wash programs to 90 degree Celsius, while in Bosch, that is rather limited. You don’t have the option to adjust RPM too.


Bosch did not provide the average water consumption of this model. However, going by Bosch’s design, it is likely to be lesser than other washing machines in the segment.

Power consumption varies between 0.2 to 2 units per wash cycle. If you wash in 30-40 degree Celsius, power consumption is just about 0.5 to 0.9 units per wash. But at 90 degree Celsius, the power consumption peaks to 2 units.


1. Excellent wash quality

2. Economical in terms of energy and water consumption.

3. Has a variety of wash programs.




1. Temperature and spin speed cannot be adjusted.


6. Samsung 6 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine


Samsung WW60R20GLMA is the best budget-friendly 6 Kg front loader that you could opt for. Its wash quality is fairly good and is quite efficient when it comes to energy and water consumption.

The Samsung 6kg Front Load Washing machine has basic wash programs.

But it is the only budget-friendly front loader that has a Hygiene steam function which can remove stubborn dirt and allergens. In this wash program, a powerful jet of steam helps dislodge the dirt and completely sanitize the clothes.

That being said, unlike LG FH0H3NDNL02, it doesn’t have dedicated wash programs for kidswear, duvet and bed linen. Rather, you will have to wash them all in cotton wash program. And it could lead to tangling and excessive creasing especially when you wash bed linen.

The wash temperature can be adjusted from 20 degrees to up to 90 degrees.

Similarly, the spin speed can also be set up to 1000 RPM, which helps dry clothes fairly well. But if you are washing delicate clothes, you could opt for lower RPM to ensure the clothes are not damaged. Just like IFB and Bosch, the duration for express wash is just 15 minutes.

The washing machine also has options to pre-soak and time delay.

front load washing machine 

* The washing machine is quite efficient and the wash quality is pretty good. You can clean up all regular stains with ease. And for stubborn stains, you have pre-soak function too.

* It doesn’t make much noise and is low on vibration too. The maximum noise it makes is 61 dB which isn’t that loud for a 6 Kg washing machine.

* Samsung claims that its motor has enhanced durability of up to 20 years, as it uses Digital Inverter Technology. But Samsung offers only a 5-year warranty on the motor which makes you wonder about their 20-year claim.


The washing machine uses a maximum of 60 litres for an elaborate wash program. Its energy consumption ranges from 1.9 to 2.3 units depending on the temperature of the water.


1. Value for money option.

2. Only budget friendly washing machine with steam function.

3. Temperature can be set up to 90 degree Celsius.




1. Installation service is not prompt.

2. Samsung WW60R20GLMA is the best budget-friendly 6 Kg front loader that you could opt for. Its wash quality is fairly good and is quite efficient when it comes to energy and water consumption.


7. IFB 6 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine


IFB Diva Aqua is one of the best budget-friendly front loading washing machines available in India. Its features are basic. But it is sufficient for a 2-4 member family that don’t get their clothes much soiled.

The washing machine has 8 wash programs. They are Gentle, Woollen, Cotton, Cotton Eco, Mixed Fabrics, Quick Wash, Rinse and Drain+Spin.

You don’t have any performance-enhancing features like pre-rinse, intensive or medic rinse, but you do get an option “Rapid wash” using which you can reduce the wash duration.

The child lock feature is also available.

The maximum spin speed is 800 RPM and you can wash clothes in cold, warm or hot water. Extensive options to adjust spin speed and temperature are not available in Diva Aqua.

As with all IFB washing machines, it has the Aqua Energie feature whereby the bicarbonates in the water gets dissolved to soften water and hence provide better wash quality. ( Works for TDS less than 250)

The common features it lack is delay start and ready in timer.

MODEL NO: (Diva Aqua)
front load washing machine 

* Even though the number of wash programs is limited, the washing quality is decent. Dirt and stain get removed efficiently provided you use a good quality detergent.

* The vibration and noise is also bearable.

* Even though the maximum spin speed is just 800 RPM, the excess moisture goes away well enough.


The washing machine uses close to 50 litres of water for a full load. This may however vary depending on the wash load and wash program.

The energy consumption is less than 1 unit for Cotton Eco in 60 degree Celsius.


1. Fairly good wash quality.

2. Budget-friendly option.




1. Features are basic.


8. IFB 8 Kg Front Loading Washing Machine


IFB Senator Aqua is a pretty good option for those looking for a larger washing machine suitable for family with 5 plus members.

The IFB Senator washing machine has numerous wash programs for a wide variety of clothes from delicate silk mix sarees to heavy curtain and duvet.

There are a total of 15 wash programs and spin speed and temperature of each program can be individually set.

Perhaps a unique aspect is the Program Repeat wash program. For washing your regular clothes, which usually comes up more frequently, you could set the wash program and customize the temperature, spin and other options. This way, you save time as you needn’t adjust the settings every time you need to wash it.

The temperature of wash programs can be set from 20 to 95 degree Celsius, while spin speed can be set up to 1400 cycles.

As with all modern washing machines, it too has child lock and time delay functions too.

MODEL NO: (Senator Aqua)
front load washing machine 

* The wash quality is excellent. It can handle all types of stains with ease. Of course, you may have to use the pre-soak function for stubborn stains.

* Talking about the wash program duration, the express wash lasts just 15 minutes. But it is ideal only for unsoiled clothes that need a quick wash.

* The cotton wash program lasts about 2 hours 15 minutes and can be used for washing bed and bath linen.

* The mixed fabrics, which is opted regularly for daily wears last about 1 hour 10 minutes. Of course, if you adjust the settings like, pre-wash, rinse, easy iron etc., the duration would increase accordingly.

* The built quality is pretty good and to ensure the durability of the drum, there is a Drum Clean wash program which removes hard water deposit and detergent residues by thorough cleaning in hot water.


The water consumption is also optimal with full load cotton wash program consuming 60 L of water and most other programs consuming much lesser quantity.


1. Wide variety of wash programs and features.

2. Optimal consumption of water and electricity.




1. Frequent complaints about installation delays.


9. LG 6.2 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


The LG 6.2 KG Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine is one the most anticipated products from LG this year.

Just like LG’s front load washing machine, LG (T7281NDDLG/T7288NDDLG/GD) top loader too employs smart inverter motor, which is a belt-less technology that is highly durable, and low on vibration and noise.

It also features LG’s new Turbo Drum, whereby water inside the drum moves in one direction and the drum itself moves in the other direction.

The washing machine has 6 water levels, the soak time can be set from 3 to 25 minutes and the wash programs include normal, gentle, quick wash, strong, aqua reserve, favourite and tub clean.

The motor is also protected with a casing to prevent corrosion, humidity, dust and insects. And to enhance the durability of the drum, there is a Tub Clean wash program that removes any odour, residue and mould formation.

top load washing machine 

* Thanks to Turbo Drum, clothes get excellent agitation and hence better washing with the LG top loaders.

* The clothes inside the drum are subject to water that moves in three motions, namely agitation which removes tough stains, rotation for tangle-free washing and swing for delicate clothes. LG claims that this helps remove tough stains with minimal damage to the clothes.

* The user reviews are fairly positive. The majority are happy with the wash quality, which they say is pretty good considering it is a top load washing machine.

* Many are of the opinion that the “Normal” wash program is sufficient for daily wears and that gentle wash is not quite good enough for removing dirt and stains.

* As the washing machine has a maximum RPM of about just 700 cycles, clothes don’t come off as dry as other top load washing machines that are capable of 1000 RPM spin speed.

* The washing machine doesn’t have an inbuilt heater or additional inlet pipe for hot water too. So, unless you connect to a geyser, you can’t wash clothes in hot water.


The washing machine uses approximately 120 litres of water and 1.5 to 2.5 units of electricity for a wash program. This may vary depending on the load and wash program chosen.


1. Belt-less technology ensures low noise and vibration.

2. Excellent wash quality for a top loader.

3. Has features for improved durability.




1. No hot water inlet pipe or temperature settings.

2. Spare parts are slightly expensive than usual.


10. Bosch 6.5Kg Fully Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine


Bosch WOE654W0IN top loading washing machine with 680 RPM and 9 wash programs is a pretty good choice for a small family with 3-4 members.

The washing machine employs a unique power wash, intelligent wave drum movement and dynamic water flow to remove tough stains with minimal fabric damage.

There are 9 wash programs, namely daily wash, delicates, jeans, refresh, intensive, quick wash, bedsheets and drum drying. The water level can be set to 8 levels and there are also options for time delay and rinse hold.

To further customize the wash program, it also has a speed perfect function to reduce the wash time by 20%.

The user-friendliness is enhanced through the employment of magic filter to collect lint and dual dispenser for liquid and powdered detergent.

The door is made of toughened glass that can withstand the weight and softened closing ensures its durability too.

As the machine has memory function, it resumes wash cycle mid-way even in case of power failure.

top load washing machine 

* Talking about the performance, the wash quality is good.

* However, as with most top load washing machines, if you have tough stains or to clean collars, you will have to do a spot cleaning.

* The washing machine runs fairly silent for a top loader and with minimal vibration even while spinning at maximum speed.

* On the flip side, the clothes are not quite dry as maximum spin speed is just 680 RPM.

* Overall, given the price, the washing machine offers absolute value for money and is quite a good buy.


The washing machine uses approximately 120 litres of water and 1.4 to 2.5 units of electricity for a wash program. This may vary depending on the load and wash program chosen.


1. Has a number of wash programs and water levels.

2. Excellent wash quality.

3. Low vibration.




1. Maximum RPM comparatively low. So, clothes don’t come out very dry.

2. No hot water inlet or temperature setting.